Monday, January 26, 2015

We're on Pintrest!

Boycott for Peace on Pintrest!

As some of our readers already know, facebook has deleted all of Boycott for Peace's content once already.  Facebook recently had us on 'restriction,' while they 'investigated' us.  However, they never explained why we were on restriction, nor did they responded to our query about their 'norms' and how we may have abridged them. 

Before they deleted Boycott for Peace's content in the past, we found that certain features on the private group where the informal committee discusses and test drives our memes and our text information was having issues.  We were in the habit of developing threads on certain focus subjects, with many links in the comments to documentation.  Suddenly the search function quit working, we were no longer able to find our research.

Recently, facebook blocked several Boycott for Peace members from up-loading photos to the group.  Key members, as it turns out, preventing us from using that space to preview and discuss content. This development was concerning, as it may have lead to even more restrictive efforts on facebook's part, or even to them deleting all of our content again.

We are committed to speaking Truth to Peace and Peace to Truth.  Facebook may be able to censor content on its own platform, but they can't censor the entire Internet.  It was their first efforts at censorship that instigated our starting this blog. Their recent 'restriction' and 'investigation' prompted us to start a Pintrest page. 

Check it out! If you are on Pintrest, please follow us!


Boycott for Peace! 


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