Saturday, January 24, 2015

Quick Action: Boycott Faithwashing

Sign the Pledge to Boycott Faithwashing



Israeli interests are making an effort to infiltrate American Interfaith organizations and meetings under the guise of  an organization called the 'Muslim Leadership Initiative.'  We must always be wary of the motivations of all initiatives and organizations that approach us in our work as activists. In every movement infiltrators have been found, who utilize branding and other recognized symbols of solidarity to derail Freedom, Equality, Justice, and Peace.

 The BDS movement is clear that true interfaith cooperation is useful to the struggle for justice; however, the 'Muslim Leadership Initiative' is financed by Islamophobic sources and does not represent interfaith cooperation.  For more information and the sign the pledge please see:


More Information ~

An Interfaith Trojan Horse: Faithwashing Apartheid and Occupation


We boycott for many reasons, you can read about some of them here:


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Please feel free to use our meme, or use the source material to build your own.


We here at Boycott for Peace celebrate religious freedom, diversity, and the separation of not only
church and state, but of faith and politics as well.

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Participate!  If you find other very quick actions people can take, such as easy to sign letters or petitions, media storms, or flash mobs, be sure to leave us the details in comments.  We may be able to feature them in an up-coming post.  If you would like credit for yourself or your organization, be sure to include your by-line as you would like it to appear, and a URL if appropriate. You can also contact us by private message on our facebook page if you prefer:

Thanks!  We are the change!


Boycott for Peace! 

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  1. "The largest Palestinian civil society coalition has called for a boycott of the Muslim Leadership Initiative and other projects that bring international delegations to Palestine 'in a manner that is complicit with Israel’s regime of occupation, colonialism and apartheid.' ”

    Highlight URL and then right click to open the article.