Thursday, January 29, 2015

Quick Action: Don't Collaborate with Elbit



No drones, based on Israeli technology, for the French army!



we sign it - No drones, based on Israeli technology, for the French army
Israeli drone attacks on the civilian population of Gaza



We ask the French defense minister to refuse to collaborate with the crimes committed by the state of Israel against the Palestinian people.  


  You don't have to be French or live in France to let them know how you feel.

Read and sign the petition here.



File:Drone Hermes 900 - Bourget.JPG

For more information on the crimes Israel commits against the Palestinian people
and how they use the citizens of Gaza,
 including women and children, to test and market weapons, please see: 


Participate!  If you find other quick actions people can take, such as easy to sign letters or petitions, media storms, or flash mobs, be sure to leave us the details in comments.  We may be able to feature them in an up-coming post.  If you would like credit for yourself or your organization, be sure to include your by-line as you would like it to appear, and a URL if appropriate. You can alternately contact us by private message on our facebook page:

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