Thursday, January 15, 2015

Quick Action: Defend Palestinian Traditional Dance!


Lina Khattab, 18-year-old first-year media student at Bir Zeit University and dancer in the El-Funoun Palestinian cultural dance troupe, was arrested on 13 December during a march by Bir Zeit University students to Ofer military prison.

She is active in Palestinian national and political activities at the university, and is one of a number of active Palestinian students who have been arrested and imprisoned in an Israeli attempt to clamp down on Palestinian students’ activity and organizing through student unions and protest groups. Lina is being held without charges, and allegedly “investigated” on the bogus suspicion of “throwing stones,” an allegation used freely by Israeli military courts against all Palestinians who demand their rights through protest.

Read more about how how you can take action now and demand freedom for Lina Khattab:


For more information on traditional Palestinian cultural dance please see our post on Debka: Palestinian Folk Dance.


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