Monday, June 1, 2015

Hungry for Sustainability?

The world hungers for sustainability, and yet we rarely seem to find it.  Meanwhile, we have an ancient and living model of sustainability within our reach.  Struggling to exist in the cradle of civilization, is a culture that has tended the land gently for thousands of years. (1)  Steadfast families still live in small villages, surrounded by fields, orchards, grazing lands, and woodlands that together supply nearly all the people’s needs.  But the world, rather than flocking to learn these ancient lessons of sustainability has turned its back.  These families, this land, suffers under grave and violent threat. (2) 

The photo is of a young man working in his family's field in the Palestinian village of Artas, famous for its Romaine Lettuce. (3) Israeli restrictions on travel to and within Palestine make it difficult or impossible for people to come to buy and trade from the source as they did decades ago. (4) Israel also controls all Palestinian business, the movement and sale of goods within Palestine, as well as imports and exports. (5)  This imperiled ancient culture needs our protection.  We hope that the more you learn, the more you will care.

(1)  The ancient history of this culture is well documented. “ . . . a Neolithic agricultural civilization arose  . . . perhaps as early as 7000 BC  . . . " E.O. James, Archeologist: 

(2) To learn about the on-going threat facing these families, we recommend the movie, ‘5 Broken Cameras:’

(4)  Scroll down to ‘For More Information,’ to learn more about the travel restrictions that Israel imposes on Palestinians:

(5) ‘Israel’s Predatory Economics,’ are covered here:  Be sure to read the article in comments as well. 

Be the Change!

The oppression and colonization of Palestine has been going on for over 60 years.  Powerful countries have failed to come to the aid of the Palestinian people, because what is being done to them is of benefit to large wealthy corporations.  It is up to us to be the change.  Please explore our boycott list to see how you may be supporting the erasure of traditional sustainable practices from the Holy Land:

We also encourage you to take additional nonviolent action in any large or small ways you can.  We have a list of letter writing campaigns and petitions you can sign, and we are starting to share other more involved actions as well.  Whether you have a few minutes or a few weeks, months, or years—there is something you can do! Check our blog every Thursday for calls to action:   Quick actions are also very easy to find:

Thank you!  It is up to us to create the kind of world we want to live in!



Boycott for Peace would like to feature an article or meme about Palestinian sustainable practices at least a few times a year or even once a month.  We need your help to do this. If you find articles that address Palestinian sustainable practices be sure to share them with us.  If you live in or visit Palestine and can take photos and notes relating to traditional food production, we can help you polish them up and present them to the public.  The wisdom we all need to survive is being imperiled.  Let’s let the world know!



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  1. Settlers burn Palestinian farms near Ramallah, 6.25.15:
    Highlight and then right-click URL to read the article.

  2. "So precious is Battir (in Palestine), ecologically, that the Friends of the Earth Middle East (FoEME) have joined with Battir villagers to oppose the building of the separation wall which would cut right through this terraced landscape."