Monday, November 24, 2014

5 Broken Cameras


If you watch only one documentary this year, this should be it!

5 Broken Cameras has won seven prestigious awards.
More importantly, it is very moving, very personal, very human.
 It brings us into the soul of the struggle of modern Indigenous people who are facing the relentless annexation of their traditional lands by illegal settlers.

In the words of the people we meet, who essentially live as they always have, we hear the heartfelt echoes of Indigenous People everywhere:

“ . . .  more than feeding us, the land connects us.”   

 “This is our land . . .  We were born on this land, and we’ll die here.  We’ll live on this land for the rest of our lives.”   


This film shows the landscape, the people, and the struggle between those who respect and live in harmony with the land and those who wish to subdue the land in a rare and moving light.


Official Web Site:



Full length on YouTube:

Available by request from libraries and movie rental outlets; which is the best option!  The ‘Bonus’ section shouldn't be missed.  It offers an in depth story on how the film was made as well as enlightening interviews with the film makers.


 “My third camera may have saved my life.  The bullet is lodged in it, as a reminder of life’s fragility.”   

 “Healing is a challenge in life.  It’s a victim’s sole obligation.  By healing you resist occupation.”   

“It takes strength to turn anger into something positive.”    

 Emad Burnat 

~ All quotes are from the film.


Image from Wikimedia:


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  1. KBOO Movie Night at the Clinton: 5 Broken Cameras
    Thursday, December 11 at 7:00pm
    The Clinton Street Theater in Portland, Oregon

    Highlight and right click the link to access the webpage.

  2. Here is a great documentary that tapes the reaction of Israeli youth after viewing 5 Broken Camera.

  3. Here's a photo of Emad Burnat, his wife Soraya, and youngest son Gibreel, representing Palestine (Nominated for ‘5 Broken Cameras’) at the Oscars. Soraya is wearing a traditional Palestinian Thob.

    They were also completely disrespected by us customs officials and detailed in complete isolation for several hours, where he was treated like dirt and told he was going to be deported back to Palestine. He even showed them the invitation to the ceremony, but they didn’t believe him. Eventually he contacted Michael Moore, who got help and got him released.