Thursday, November 6, 2014

Peaceful Political Action 101-A

Our Plan:  Education, letter writing, keeping the boycotts strong!


First, you’ll find information about AIPAC, The American Israel Public Affairs Committee, and why you should be concerned about them.  Next you will find pending bills from various states that need our attention, followed by how you can help with the resistance.  Last are some links to learn more about the boycotts.


AIPAC has been disrupting American Democracy since 1951.  If you aren’t sure how they affect our government please watch the video at the link below.  It runs 45 minutes, so choose a good time.  It’s called ‘The Day Israel Attacked America.’

Amazingly 34 American service men were killed and 173 injured. Our government hid this information from us, all because of AIPAC’s money. 

Also check out the ‘Honor Liberty Veterans’ page for confirmation of this military crime which Israel perpetrated against the USA:

Just in case you think AIPAC’s influence ended in 1967, please read the following articles from this year:

Congressional reps taking money from Pro-Israel PACs—names and dollar amounts listed:

Only 8 US reps voted NO on sending more military aid to Israel; aid by the way, that is used for ethnic cleansing and genocide:


We Must Resist!


There are Pro-Israel Bills on the dockets in several US States. 
We need to develop responses!

CA - Assembly Resolution 50 
“ . . .  Resolved by the Assembly of the State of California, That the Assembly recognizes both Israel's right
 to exist as a nation, and to exist within safe and secure borders . . .”

CA -  AB 1166
“This bill would establish the California and Israel Trade and Economic Development Act”

CO - HB1255 –postponed indefinitely, so not necessarily a priority
“Negotiate Resident Tuition For Israeli Students”

“State of Israel; support and invite Honorable Consul General Opher Aviran to House.”

MO - HB 1729 –not on calendar so not necessarily a priority
“Requires the Division of Commerce and Industrial Development to support and assist the development of biotechnological enterprises and establish an office in Israel to assist with the promotion of state exports.”


Join the Resistance!

If you find additional bills, please make sure you are on the original blog or facebook post, and then post the information in comments.  We will up-date this list and form new lists as additional information becomes available. 

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Original facebook post.  It's a sharable meme!

Also, if you have comment or letter writing suggestions that will fit in either PopVox’s comment section (see below) or in congressional contact forms please also leave them on the original posts.  We may use the very best or a combination of the very best in future posts, memes, or files.  However, all contributions are welcome, original letters receive more political clout than form letters, so having a variety of letters available for people to choose from helps us be more effective.

Congressional contact forms allow a total of 2,500 characters including spaces.  Generally that comes out to between 450 – 470 words.

Find your Reps!  Click on your state on the map at the link below, and all your state reps are shown, with phone numbers, e-mail addresses, and contact forms.  If your state has an overwhelming number of reps, go back to the first page and simply enter your zip code in the form (no other information is needed even though it is asked for).  Only the reps for your immediate area will be shown:


PopVox also provides an easy way to find your reps and communicate with them, as well as offering the ability to track bills, and to track voting records.  The page is currently down but it should be back up soon:

Another good place to find bills and to sign up for bill tracking is:
We don’t find this site as effective or as easy to use as PopVox, but it is functional now.

Please use these sites to search your state on Israel, Palestine and any other key words you think are important.  We could have missed significant bills that need our attention, and new ones can be added at any time.

Please share what you find . . .

Boycott for Peace!


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  1. Current pending legislation includes, House Resolution 707, more information is available here:

  2. "US Department of Justice Asked to Regulate AIPAC as a Foreign Agent of the Israeli Government." Individuals and organizations are invited to submit briefs:

    Highlight link and then right click to open.

  3. "AIPAC-Drafted US Aid to Israel Illegal"

  4. "Ninety Percent of Benjamin Netanyahu’s Campaign Money Comes From the United States""

    We will have to find a way to target some of the big donors' businesses with boycotts. If anyone can get photos of their business signs or products which we could use to make a meme, even if it is only one decent photo, please leave a comment and let us know.

    Highlight URL and then right click to open the article.