Friday, December 12, 2014

Palestinian Children Under Attack

International Political Prisoner Day

Palestinian Child Prisoners

Documentation of the physical abuse, torture and false confessions have caught the attention of many organizations. The dichotomy between the illusion Israel presents to the world as a democratic and law-abiding nation has been shattered with the investigative reports of on how Israel treats Palestinian by dehumanizing them to a point they are not seen as humans but as tools to suppress Palestinian resistance. Putting children in prison for 20 years on the grounds of throwing stones at Israeli military and settlers.

As a signatory to the Article of 76 of the Fourth Geneva Convention Israel is obliged to follow rules of engaging prisoners. It is not allowed to detain prisoners outside the territory of occupation. Prisoners are not to be tortured or coerced to indulge any information. Prisoners are to be provided with a lawyer and given an opportunity to provide evidence of their innocence to a jury.

The Defense of Children International Statics on the Abuse of Child Prisoners listed these types of interrogation methods used by Israeli officials from January 2008 to January 2012. For a more detailed report see:

Hand ties
Physical violence
Detention inside Israel
Solitary confinement
Confession during interrogation
Verbal abuse/humiliation
Strip searched
Transferred on floor of vehicle
Signed/shown documents in Hebrew
Arrested between midnight
and 0500

The Israeli culture of impunity reinforces the systematic and institutionalized system of abuse towards Palestinian children prisoners as documented in the testimonies of thirty-three children located in this document.

After a three-month investigation the United Nations Committee on the Rights of Child puts it in a more realistic perspective by calling attention to the trend that one out of every fifty Palestinian families have a least one family member imprisoned in the last ten year. It is a horrible situation to learn that child detentions have become a central issue in the lives of the Palestinian people. The link to the entire United Nations report


Act Now! Sign this petition to Secretary of State John Kerry to stop the detention and arrest of Palestinian children by Israel: recruiter=32878192&utm_source=share_petition&utm_


Additional sources
Palestinian children tortured, used as shields by Israel: U.N by Stephanie Nebehay (Reuters)
Israeli Abuse of Palestinian Children Systematic says U.N. Rport by Hazel Ward (The WorldPost)


Photograph from Wikicommons


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  1. "In January 2014, during a similarly severe winter storm, the Israeli Public Defenders Office reported that Palestinian children were placed in an outdoor cage during the storm, writing on their website "During our visit, held during a fierce storm that hit the state, attorneys met detainees who described to them a shocking picture: in the middle of the night dozens of detainees were transferred to the external iron cages built outside the IPS transition facility in Ramla"."

    These practices are continuing today . . . .

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  2. The United Nations Resident and Humanitarian Coordinator James W. Rawley confirmed on Friday that, in the past three days alone, a total of 77 Palestinians, over half of them children, have become homeless.

  3. Israel decides not to return the dead body of political prisoners to their families in order to inhibit future Palestinian resistance.

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