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Hyundai's Corporate complicity

Home Demolitions and Collective Punishment: Hyundai Complicity in Israeli War Crimes


Collective Punishment & Corporate Complicity

Evidence indicates that Hyundai’s contract with Israeli company Automotive Equipment Group (AEG) violates their Fair Trade Code of Conduct that states the following:

“With our parent company headquartered in South Korea, Hyundai has implemented a voluntary fair trade compliance initiative to ensure we are meeting or exceeding all trade-related government regulations, including U.S. requirements. As part of this initiative, Hyundai has initiated a series of education programs to raise awareness of fair trade practices among our workforce and suppliers. Additionally, we have instituted a mechanism for reporting suspected unfair business transactions, corruption or other violations.”

United Nations Special Rapporteur on Palestinian human rights Richard Falk states “Companies taking part in the construction of the six lane illegal highway in Beit Safafa, under the auspices of the Moriah Jerusalem Development Company and their implementing partner, D.Y. Barazani Ltd., must be held responsible” for violating International law that condemns companies for participating in the collective punishment of the civilian population.

Hyundai’s contract with the Israeli company Automotive Equipment Group is for their Robex 340 LC-7A excavator deal. A total of 237 homes were demolished and a total of 297 people displaced according to a report by The Israeli Committee to End Home Demolitions. Statistics on the number of home demolitions in Palestine is located at this link:

Hyundai representative defends their cooperation is with Israel’s private sector and have no knowledge of the specific use of the Robex 320 LC-7A excavator. On the same note, he/she explains Palestinians use their equipment for construction purposes despite Israel using their equipment for home demolitions. The Hyundai representative incorrectly stipulates there is a moral equivalence between the two purposes. Palestinians have no choice but to use equipment approved by Israeli authorities in constructing and reconstructing their infrastructures. Additional information on Hyundai's representative response:

South Korean activist have joined with the Boycott Divestment Sanction movement to pressure Hyundai executives to break their relationship with Israel. On ways the South Koreans stand in solidarity with the Palestinian people visit this article:

In addition to Hyundai, the Israeli company Automotive Equipment Group holds contracts with Caterpillar, and Volvo. Check out our blog post on Caterpillar:,  and our Caterpillar boycott meme:

Hyundai has been a target of the group “Who profits from the Israeli occupation?”

Include toys, tools, clothes, accessories, electronics, and other Hyundai gear in this boycott!


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  1. Israel's illegal demolitions of Palestinian homes escalated in 2014:

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