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Boycott Sabra

Stock your fridge for Peace.  Find alternatives below.

Boycott Sabra!  Scroll down for alternatives.

Documentation and more information:

“The Israeli Army surrounded Sabra and Shatila and stationed troops at the exits of the area to prevent camp residents from leaving and, at the Phalangists' request, fired illuminating flares at night.”  The  Phalangists, who were acting under the direction and with the assistance of the Israeli Defense Forces, massacred up to 3,500 civilians.   “In 1983, a commission chaired by Seán MacBride, the assistant to UN secretary general and president of United Nations General Assembly at the time, concluded that Israel, as the camp's occupying power, bore responsibility for the violence.  The commission also concluded that the massacre was a form of genocide.” Warning, graphic photo of massacred bodies:

“We look at one of the most shocking incidents in the career of the late former Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon: the Sabra and Shatila massacre.  Up to 2,000 Palestinians died on Sept. 16-17, 1982, when the Israeli military allowed a Christian militia to attack the camp.”  From Democracy Now, warning, graphic photo of a portion of the massacre headlines the story:

“Sabra Dipping Company (the makers of Sabra Hummus) is a joint venture of Pepsi and the Strauss Group. Strauss is the second largest Israeli food and beverage company. Strauss is known for supporting the Israeli army’s Golani Brigade, which has a long history of vicious human rights abuses against the Palestinian and Lebanese people.”   From United for Justice with Peace:

"Say no to settlement products AND Sabra hummus," from Mondoweiss, gives more details about the call to boycott Sabra, as well as the reasons why:

“Sabra Dipping Company is owned by two independent, global food companies – PepsiCo, based in the US, and Strauss Group, which is headquartered in Israel.” From their web site:

If you have any doubt about why we boycott please see:


Make your own Hummus!  It can be quick and easy! 

Five minute, six ingredient, microwave hummus.  Now, this isn’t old fashioned, but if you have the ingredients on hand, it is definitely quicker than running to the store:

Ten minute hummus, no microwave or cooking required.

No cans in your kitchen?  Here’s a from-scratch recipe for you:

Variety the spice of life?  An amazing number of authentic Middle Eastern hummus recipes, as well as fun multi-cultural fusion ideas are found at the link below.  You are going to be the hummus expert!


Other Brands?  Avoid Tribe Brand Hummus, it is an Israeli company as well.  The ‘United for Justice with Peace’ and ‘Mondoweiss’ articles linked above discuss Tribe Brand.   (If anyone can get us a decent photo of Tribe Brand hummus in the package, or a photo of a Tribe Brand hummus advertisement, we will make a meme for them too!  Please send us a private message on our facebook page: )

Shop Small!  Shop Local!  The big multinational companies always hide their misdeeds behind clever packaging and advertising.  When you visit small local markets, delis, or natural food stores look for hummus made by small local companies.


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Check our complete boycott list here:


Boycott for Peace! 

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  1. It has been brought to our attention that other Palestinian Solidarity Organizations have been harassed for use of this meme, in its original form. The word "Sabra" is used in Hebrew to refer to an indigenous Palestinian cactus which has some fairly nasty and dangerous thorns. As we understand it, 'native' born citizens of modern Israel, who are descendants of Jewish immigrants (rather than citizens that are descendant from Palestinian, Arab, or Christian Indigenous people), commonly refer to themselves with the word Sabra as well. Apparently this brand of hummus is so named out of typical colonial cultural appropriation, and it is considered a coincidence that it has the same name as the Sabra Massacre. However, the reason so many Palestinian Solidarity organizations, as well as those dedicated to Peace, Liberty, Justice, and Equality urge the public to boycott Sabra Hummus really has nothing to do with the name of the product and everything to do with the on-going actions and policies of the Israeli government and their disastrous effects on Palestinian people. Please see the thread, 'Why We Boycott,' for more information:

    Highlight and right click the URL to open the post thread.

  2. "Hummus: Not Always a Healthy Choice." Number 1 on their not healthy choices? Sabra. Guess what? According to the article they don't even use olive oil, so you can't even pretend that it is authentic hummus. Short article gives some quick instructions on making your own, including a version using chickpea meal, which we haven't seen anywhere else:

    Chickpea meal, also called garbanzo bean flour, is available from Azure Standard:

    And from Bob's Red Mill:

    Highlight and right click each URL to open.

  3. Potassium sorbate is found in Sabra hummus and may not be all that safe: " . . . in vitro studies have shown that it is both genotoxic and mutagenic to human blood cells. Potassium sorbate is found to be toxic to human DNA in peripheral blood lymphocytes, and hence found that it negatively affects immunity.[17] It is often used with ascorbic acid and iron salts as they increase its effectiveness but this tends to form mutagenic compounds that damage DNA molecules.[18]"

    Highlight and right click the URL to open the Wikipedia article.

  4. One more reason to boycott. Listeria in hummus prompts national recall by Sabra.

    It really is much safer and cheaper to make your own at home. And you will end up with a much nicer result as well.

  5. May 13th is International Humus Day. A good day to try making your own! Scroll up to the main post above to find recipes.

    International Humus Day website:

    International Humus Day event:

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