Thursday, January 8, 2015

Long Walk to Freedom

Long Walk to Freedom, DVD

"Africans want a just share
in the whole of South Africa.
We want equal political rights.
One man, one vote."

 "Your freedom 
and mine
cannot be separated." 

Sumptuous videography illuminates Nelson Mandela's life like you may never have seen it before.  This moving and inspiring offering looks deeply into the human being, his cultural background, and his life as a young man.  We watch him grow into the world leader that he became, from what may have been, in some ways, unlikely roots.

Palestinian solidarity activists will see many parallels between South Africa under apartheid and the conditions in Palestine today.  Ghettos without adequate services, home demolitions, low flying fighter jets, and tanks rumbling through residential neighborhoods are some of the commonalities. The extra judicial murder and military targeting of unarmed protestors, civilians, and non-combatants, including women and children are also all too familiar.  The taking of political prisoners and the arrest without charge, interrogation, and torture of the family members of activists presents another parallel. 

World wide activism and boycotts helped turn the tide for South Africa, and we must take heart that they will help turn the tide for Palestinians today.

"You have always been afraid of us
and it has made you an unjust
and brutal people."

"People learn to hate.
They can be taught to love;
for love comes more naturally 
to the human heart."


All quotes are Mandela's from the movie.


Worth watching again and again. 

Available by request from your local library or where ever you normally rent movies.

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