Thursday, January 22, 2015

Is Peace Controversial?

In addition to the other issues mentioned on the meme, Boycott for Peace along with its founder, have been rebuked, excoriated, and read the riot act—because we will not call for, promote, or celebrate violence—and because, whenever possible, we do not allow other people to do so on our content pages.

We want to be clear.  We do support Indigenous and other oppressed people’s right to resist, in whatever way they can resist.  However, if no one speaks for non-violence and Peace, there will never be Peace.  We believe that resistance should be non-violent whenever possible and as soon as possible.  We believe that Peace is the goal, and that violence leads to more violence in a potentially unending cycle.  To stop that cycle we all need to take strident steps towards Justice, Equality, Freedom, and Peace.

Huge multinational-corporations support and benefit from violence, war, oppression, occupation, and colonization.  They profit from what is made to appear to be political, religious, national, and territorial conflicts; and they lobby our governments to engage in these conflicts at our expense.  We, however, are the ones that provide the corporations with their profits and with their lobbying budgets, by our spending habits.  We can change our spending habits.  We, the people of Earth, can change the whole economy, the whole political structure, the entire balance of power on our entire planet—by changing our spending habits.

This is what we support:  Economic Justice through Ethical spending.  Boycott for Peace!


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