Monday, September 21, 2015

Speak the Truth

Change will follow . . . 

"Laws that allows us to diminish the humanity of anybody are not laws, they are frame works for crime."


In 1769, as the movies begins, Britain has a far flung empire and its economy is very much centered in the slave trade.  Dido Elizabeth Belle, the beloved and acknowledged mulatto daughter of Sir John Lindsay, was raised in high society by his uncle, William Murray,the Lord Chief Justice of England

"A land whose laws sanction, not control, the barbarous among its citizens; that is a country whose hope is lost." 

The story is richly and beautifully told with all the drama, romance, and heart break of those times.  Belle, through her eloquence and passion, along with the man who loves her "with every breath" influence her great uncle, the Lord Chief Justice, to do the right thing, simply by speaking the truth.  William Murray, in addition to the ruling depicted,made other rulings and is credited with helping to end the British slave trade entirely.  This movie, Belle, gives us hope and reminds us that change does indeed happen.   

The quotes above are from the movie, spoken by the character of John Davinier, Belle's beloved, who is portrayed as a passionate law student who aspires to change the world for the better.

A few key points for activists are well illustrated in the film.  1. Speak the truth, even if it is not well received.  2. Meet and brainstorm with like minded activists.  3.  Organize to bring your message to those who will help your cause, even if their reasons may be different than yours.  4. Don't give up, even though your heart may break.  5.  If you are in the right, justice will win.   

Worth watching repeatedly.  The emotional impact, the stunning sets, flawless acting, and the fabulous photography may overpower the deeper message, initially.  Watching once for the beauty, watch again, and rewind when necessary, to catch the deeper meaning behind the script and the action.

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