Monday, January 12, 2015

Gaza Today

100K Homeless in Gaza face severe Flooding & Cold

(Note:  As of 5.26.15, the only thing that has changed is the weather. The living conditions of many people are still quite devastating. Please see the comments below this blog post for links to current articles.)

Screen shot, please see video below.

The video below illustrates how many people in Gaza are living today.  These conditions were caused by Israel's indiscriminate bombing of Gaza neighborhoods this past summer. The US is partially responsible,  because of military support to Israel.  The US also has contributed by using its veto power at the UN to prevent Israel from facing consequences for breaches of International Law.  This everyday ongoing situation that affects many families is just part of the reason we

The UN Declared a State of Emergency in November 2014.  Nothing yet has been done.
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Please remember that in this Israeli bombing campaign that caused the 100K homeless:
"The UN says at least 2,104 Palestinian died, including 1,462 civilians, of whom 495 were children and 253 women."   While on the other hand, 72 Israeli's and one Thai were killed by Palestinians:

Please also remember, the people have no way to escape: 

Israel claims many excuses for its actions against the Palestinians, however, 
profit lies at the heart of the matter. "Israel Uses Gaza to Test and Market Weapons:" 

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Video:  Gaza Today, Sometimes Water Gets to the Tent:

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  1. Gaza is unusually cold this winter. As a result of living conditions seen in the video above, which have been forced on the people of Gaza by Israel's assault this past summer, as well as their continuing siege and blocking of rebuilding materials and humanitarian aide, four children have died this winter, so far, from hypothermia. For more information please see:

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  2. "Deeply Concerned About Gaza, Secretary-Generals of United Nations, League of Arab States, Appeal to Donors to Honour Financial Pledges . . . in order to prevent a further deterioration in the already dire humanitarian situation." 2.6.2015

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  3. 5.1.15 ~ "Israel faces mounting criticism over its killings of at least 44 Palestinians in six UN shelters and 547 children overall last summer, 100,000 in Gaza remain displaced as 'not a single destroyed home has been rebuilt.' ”

  4. "It has been already nine month since the end of the war and a truce had been reached, but nothing is moving on, while everything looks like the war just ended yesterday . . ."

    "So far we haven't been compensated yet in order to be able to rebuild our homes and we really don't know what is going to happen . . . "

    " . . . the situation is getting more and more difficult 'because first of all, the world neglects the displaced families, and second, the ongoing Israeli siege remains . . . ' "


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