Saturday, January 31, 2015

New Diamond Boycott

Israel exported $6 billion in cut diamonds and an additional $3 billion in uncut diamonds in 2013:

Israel Apartheid is well documented here:

We boycott for many reasons, you can find some of them here:

Alternatives to commercial diamonds--Used is Best!

New synthetics aren’t the answer.  Many synthetic diamonds are manufactured in Israel. 

Maybe a different stone?  Think again, Israel also exports precious metals and other precious stones.  In fact 31 percent of their total exports are in gems and precious metals:

Used is Best!  Buy something you like at a price you can afford.  If you are buying for someone else, it’s best to shop together.  If you’re looking for a gift explain why you want to buy used and have fun finding the perfect piece together.

The following website will help you be a better used jewelry consumer. They suggest how you can learn about prices and they also suggest visiting a real pawn shop.  If you are thinking of spending a substantial amount of money at a pawn shop, first search the name of the pawn shop on-line and look for news articles and reviews.  At the link below they also tell you how to judge reviews, as well as e-bay sellers and they offer plenty of other advice:  (Also check the articles displayed below this one.  To make the best buy, learn as much as you can!)

Thinking of popping the question?  Honestly, an expensive engagement ring might not be in your favor.  “A diamond is forever, but an expensive engagement ring means the marriage might not last that long. According to a new study, spending between $2,000 and $4,000 on an engagement ring is significantly associated with an increase in the risk of divorce:"




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  1. VICE News traveled to mines located in the heart of the Central African Republic to see how the battle over natural resources is playing out in one of the world's most violent conflicts:

    Highlight URL and then right click to open article.

  2. Here is a great idea for Valentines: Used boxes and tins are often available at second hand stores--and they often save and display seasonal selections right when you need them. The photo at the link below shows tiny succulent cuttings displayed in the box--but we have other ideas for you as well. Meanwhile, Etsy has a couple of venders that sell succulent cuttings. The mini paper cups shown are available in the baking section of well stocked stores.

    Here are some other ideas--vintage scarves, cloth napkins, or handkerchiefs. Or how about vintage costume jewelry, or a collection of vintage heart and love trinkets? Or perhaps your sweetie collects something? Or heck, you could still stuff the box or tin with sweets--from your locally owned confectioner or bakery--or even try your hand at making your own!

    Highlight the URL and then right click to open the photo. You will be glad you did!