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Jesus of Palestine

Jesus of Palestine

His Humanity in Us

There are many discussions on the identity of the place Jesus was born in. It has proven to be a very controversial sticking point with both sides of the Palestinian and Israeli conflict laying claim to the land of Jesus' birth. This short essay lays claim that Jesus is Palestinian but his message of social justice, peace and humanity applies to all peoples.

At the time of Jesus' birth the region as Palestinia or Palestine and when applying present-day theories of national identity as associated with the land of birth, Jesus is Palestinian.  The claim that Palestine never existed needs to be reconsidered since there are several documents that attest to the visible presence of a region of Palestine. Ptolemy and Herodotus also label the region as Palestine or Paletinia. From coins, passports and historical narratives and  maps that clearly identify Palestine as a real location. This is a link to a map with Palestine or Philistia clearly labeled on it:

Genetically, Palestinians are the descendants of the populations such as the Canaanites that inhabit the a region, Romans that occupied the land, and the Ottomans who colonized the area. Readers need to take note that over time populations are never static, but dynamic and consider a group of people never exclusively belonging to a race, ethnicity or nationality. It is considered a weak response to claim certain people are sole owners of a region. As a consequence, suggestions that Palestinians are not the original inhabitant and have no link to the land is not true.

Reza Aslam brings the point of this blog to a closure when he states that Jesus needs to be studied based upon the context of his environment more than religious scripture. The oppressive Roman occupation of Palestine, the growing material wealth between the classes and the culture of violence between the Romans and the inhabitants of the area suggests Jesus is a product of his time and thus a symbol of social justice for the general public.  Jesus's death on the cross was a defiant act at confronting social injustice in this world. The same steadfastness that embodies Palestinians today to liberate themselves from the yolk of Israeli political and economic oppression and social subjugation.

This Christmas season take the time to continue Jesus's message and spare a thought to the less fortunate on Earth regardless of their racial, ethnic, religious or national affiliations. We are all Humans and are fighting to save Humanity!


Boycott for Peace! 


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