Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Apartheid Free Holiday Pie!


  Make your Pumpkin Pie Apartheid Free!

We boycott for many reasons, you can read about some of them here:

Libby’s pumpkin products and all Carnation products are owned by the notorious Nestle Company.  Scroll down to find a link to more information.  


Quick tip ~ You can use acorn, carnival, or delicata squash in place of the sugar pumpkin or butternut squash in the recipe at the link above.  Butternut squash actually provides the best texture, the nicest color, and the very best flavor.  It’s even better than pumpkin!


For the low down on Nestles, scroll down on this page:

The connection between Nestle, Libby’s, and Carnation is documented here, along with some other Thanksgiving boycott suggestions:

Boycott for Peace:


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  1. 'Corporate Transgressions Through Moral Disengagement'

    Page 5 discusses Nestle and a bit of their whole infant formula debacle. However, it ignores the fact that Nestle continues to market infant formula in third world countries, as well as all the other corporate misdeeds that Nestle profits from throughout its operations and product lines.

    Highlight the URL and then right click to open the article.

  2. Tina Turner for the Nestle boycott =