Friday, November 28, 2014

Boycott HP

 HP is not on your shopping list!


 HP provides technology to support apartheid 

 HP profits from apartheid. 


This boycott covers more than computers and printers!   Calculators, cameras, phones, speakers, headphones and microphones, watches, and projectors are all produced by HP.  In fact, if it’s electronic, be sure to check the label.  Also watch out for LED lighting and replacement bulbs for many applications, including auto dashboards.

If you already own an HP printer, there are other companies that offer ink cartridges.  Check here for the list:

If you own a business, HP offers software, servers, networking, security, and all kinds of integrated applications and hardware.  If you hire a consultant to help design a customized or integrated system of any kind, ask them what companies they represent.  HP is not on your list!


“HP is involved in several contracts that directly violate international law and violate Palestinians’ human rights. HP has developed and maintained the Basel System, which is used at checkpoints deep inside occupied territory to restrict and control Palestinian freedom of movement—in their own land. In other contracts with the Israeli government, military and settlements, HP is aiding and abetting international law violations and systems of segregation.”  More information and a petition are available here:


The background image above shows a guarded apartheid gate in the Masha Salfit Wall.  Read about life behind the gate and see more photos here:


HP was asked to sign a resolution establishing a committee for human rights issues.  They refused:

HP Profits Decline This is a trend we want to see continue until they decide to stand up for human rights.  We can be the change!

HP Boycott in the News!  


Stay in touch with the Boycott HP Movement:

Many other reasons to boycott HP are shared here:

We boycott Israel for many other reasons, if you haven't already, you can read about some of them here: 


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  1. Sign the pledge to boycott Hewlett Packard!

    Highlight the URL and then right click to open the website.

  2. Quick Action! HP needs to be told, repeatedly, why we are boycotting them!

    This letter will be delivered to their CEO, with all of our signatures, on Tuesday March 16, 2015. Please sign share on your page, and share on your groups now, so there will be as many signers as possible: