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Clinique Boycott!

Boycott Clinique!

Your purchase of Clinique products as well as those of their parent company, Estee Lauder, supports Pro-Israeli and anti-BDS activism.   Please see documentation below, as well as a link to information on why we boycott Israel.

If you are unclear why we boycott Israel, please read the articles at the following link:

Ronald S. Lauder, chairman of Clinique, is the son of Estee Lauder, founder of Estee Lauder International.  He is a long entrenched part of the Estee Lauder empire.  Formerly, he was the Chairman of Estee Lauder International and he has served as a member of the overall board of directors, in total, for over 20 years to date.

Lauder leads the fight against BDS:  And he equates anti-Zionism with anti-Semitism—and has the clout to broadly and prominently disseminate his views:

“Lauder’s strident hard-line views and support of Israeli right-wing extremists have frequently angered peace activists . . .  American Muslim groups called for an international boycott of Ronald Lauder’s businesses, the Estée Lauder Companies . . .”

His thoughts are well published, including his thoughts on Palestine: “Alas, one must therefore conclude that the Palestinians are not yet ready for their own state:”  He just spouts the standard contorted Right Wing Israeli talking points—without mentioning all the things that Israel intentionally does to create the situations that he uses to support his argument.  Further, he totally ignores the fact that Palestine is a State already:

Ronald S. Lauder “has repeatedly come to the defense of Israel in public and is seen as an ally of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.”    In fact he acted as a negotiator for Netanuyahu with Syria in 1998.  Apparently the intention was to get Syria to give up land in exchange for peace:

A few other examples of his pro-Israeli activism can be found on the same page: 

Through his wealth, foundations, and prominent positions in lobbying organizations, he has access to heads of state throughout the world:

Lauder attempted to interject Israel’s views into the nuclear negotiations with Iran.  Ronald S. Lauder Meets in Brussels With EU Leaders Solana, Barroso and Ferrero-Waldner:”

Lauder is also heavily involved with media, providing a broad platform to disseminate his support for the Israeli regime.  “Mr. Lauder is Chairman of Central European Media Enterprises, Ltd., a leading television broadcast company in Central Eastern Europe which he founded in 1994.”

Interestingly, Time Warner acquired 31% of the shares in CEM, mentioned above, and our infamous Mr. Lauder votes those shares, which only increases his power and control over CEM:

Here, Lauder waxes poetic on the prospects of TW and CEMworking together.  

Lauder is also involved with media in Israel:  “Lauder has participated in a number of large media deals in Israel, among which was his purchase of part of Channel 10.”

Ronald S. Lauder is worth 3.9 billion dollars.   That’s a whole lot of money he can toss around to try to convince the world to think his way:


Boycott Clinique and Estee Lauder!

Read more about the Estee Lauder boycott on Innovative Minds:

Here is the official list of Estee Lauder companies:



Your local natural food store or co-op has many great skin care products from small companies that deserve your business.  You will find products that are easier on your budget, easier on the earth, and that are not promoting policies that support human rights abuses in the Holy Land.  If you have a favorite healthy and natural skin care product or cosmetic line produced by a small company, please give them a shout out in comments! 


Check out our complete boycott list here:


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Boycott for Peace! 

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