Thursday, May 14, 2015

Send Your Love

Shireen Issawi

Take Action!

At least 20 Palestinian women are currently imprisoned in Israel for their political activism.  It is illegal, under international law, for Israel to transfer Palestinians from their territory into Israel; however, that is exactly what has happened to these women. 

The 20 women listed below are being held in HaSharon Prison, which is located in the Central District of Tel Aviv, Israel. Their families are not allowed to visit, nor are their friends, support persons, or others in solidarity.

Further, the conditions the women are held under is reportedly harsh.  "They are facing deliberate medical negligence and the worst ill-treatment by Israeli jailers."

An action plan to help alleviate the isolation of prisoners like Shireen Issawi, pictured above, has been organized by I am Palestinian I am not a terrorist.

The plan is very simple. Buy 20 postcards, with as many different photos or designs as possible, address each one to a different prisoner, add a non-political message, and put them in the mail.  Messages or images that can be construed to express resistance or solidarity or criticism of the Israeli regime will not be delivered.  A very simple note, something to the effect of   "Dear ...   Sending love to you and your companions in prison from (your city and country)."

You might choose to send one postcard a day or a few per week. That way, if the women have any opportunity to share them, the moments of joy they bring will be extended.  This action also demonstrates to the occupiers and oppressors that the world is paying attention. 

Here are the names:

Nahil Abu Aisha - Fidaa al-Shaibani - Bushra Al-Taweel - Rasmiya BalawnaEhsan Dabsdsa  - Fida' Da'mas - Shireen Issawi - Lina Jarboneh - Lina Khattab - Tahrir Mansour - Haniyya Nasser - Falastine Nijim - Muna Qa’adan - Dima SawahrehYasmeen Shaban - Fida SuleimanThuriya Taha - Amal TaqtaqaDunia Wakeed - Samaher Zeinaddine.  Each postcard needs to be addressed to one name only.

Here's the address:  

HaSharon Prison
Even Yehuda
P.O. Box 7
40 330 Israel

I am Palestinian I am not a terrorist is also asking that we respond to their original call to action; or that we take a photo of our postcards and post to their page, so they can keep a tally of how many people participate.  

We are the change!  Show your support!



If you have links to information, articles, bios, or up-dates on any of women mentioned, please leave a few words and a link or links in comments.


Most of our Thursday actions are really quick.  They can generally be completed in just a few minutes right from your computer.  Search our blog on "Quick Action," or bookmark the link below.  We try to post actions anyone and everyone can easily join ever Thursday:

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