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Exposing Noam Chomsky

Chomsky: An Anti-Activist




We need to be very aware that pro-imperialist anti-freedom forces will often infiltrate a movement and try to dominate the conversation from within--in a way that destroys the effectiveness of the movement.  We contend that Chomsky occupies this position.  His domination as a writer on the topic of Israeli – Palestinian issues, his personal failure to issue calls for action, and his criticism of BDS all point to him being a very effective agent against change and an effective anti-activist in support of the status quo.


Chomsky, as it turns out, is a self admitted Zionist.  Here is a video you have got to see, really every minute of it. It is 45 minutes long, so plan ahead. It exposes a side of Mr. Chomsky you probably won't ever see anywhere else.

Chomsky does not support the Palestinian call for Boycotts, Divestments, and Sanctions.  In considering his rejection of BDS, we must keep in mind that “. . . the liberation of the oppressed is impossible without their self-activity and empowerment. The BDS movement was launched by Palestinians themselves . . . "  The following article provides a well thought out and intelligent critique of lets-take-no-action Chomsky:

Also of interest:  “In the field of US-Israel-Palestine relations he (Chomsky) has been a virtual human tsunami, washing like a huge wave over genuine scholarly works in the field that contradict his critical positions on the Middle East, namely that Israel serves a strategic asset for the US and that the Israeli lobby, primarily AIPAC, is little more than a pressure group like any other trying to affect US policy in the Middle East. For both of these positions, as I will show, he offers only the sketchiest of evidence . . .” 

“Mass appeals to Congress to stop funding, whether it was in opposition to the war in Vietnam or the Contras in Nicaragua, have been a basic element in every other nation-wide struggle against US global policy.”  From above link which also notes that Chomsky has never called for any action on behalf of the Palestinian people. 

One of Chomsky’s main complaints about BDS relates to education, as if the BDS movement, as well as it supporters (like Boycott for Peace) were not working very hard to educate the masses.  How BDS Is Educating the Public About Israel's Brutal Policies:”

Chomsky is not our hero.  While he is often very eloquent at describing certain aspects of Israel’s violence and oppression of Palestinians, a true hero, a true activist takes action and calls for the masses to take action as well.  

Anti-activists are exceedingly common.  They infiltrate nearly every movement and organization, as well as nearly every on-line group, forum, and news outlet that allows comments.  They work to neutralize our efforts by attempting to dominate the conversation and attempting to steer us away from action.  If a seemingly passionate, vociferous person seems to be dominating the conversations without ever positively supporting, participating, or calling for action has infiltrated your movement, be aware.  They may be in the pay of, or in support of, exactly what we are trying to resist.

Meanwhile, if we believe in Peace, Equality, Freedom, and Democracy, we must not support the corporations and businesses that profit from or support ethnic cleansing, home demolition, war, or apartheid.  We must use spending money to vote for the kind of world we want to live in, while we deprive those businesses, institutions, and governments we find reprehensible of our support.  

Boycott for Peace!


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  1. See this for a critique of Chomsky on BDS

    Noam Chomsky and BDS: the ‘responsibility of intellectuals?'

  2. Thank you so much for your comment, HFC. Here is a quote from the link HFC shared above, for the benefit of all readers: "Chomsky told a Harvard audience: 'I am opposed and have been opposed for many years, in fact, I’ve probably been the leading opponent for years of the campaign for divestment from Israel and of the campaign about academic boycotts.'" To access the link, highlight the URL and then right click.