Saturday, May 9, 2015


Buy Palestinian!

It has come to our attention that some of the Za'atar seasoning sold in bulk at self service herb and spice counters may be of Israeli origin.  However, Fair Trade Certified Palestinian Za'atar is available many places around the world!
Scroll down to find the best way to shop where ever you are.

U.S. or Canada?  Shop on line at the link:


U.S.A?  Find a shop that carries Za’atar near you, scroll down to the dark green box in the left hand column at the link below, and enter your zip code. 
If it's a bit of a drive call first. The shops  listed all 
carry at least one Palestinian Fair Trade Certified 
gourmet item, but it might not be Za’atar.

Everywhere else, scroll down on this page to see if your country is mentioned. If so click the link to the company and search out their contact information:  

Za'atar Spice Blend from Palestine (5 ounce)Many of the larger solidarity organizations import and resell Fair Trade Certified Palestinian products, including Za’atar. Check your favorites for their product listings, if they do carry Fair Trade Certified Palestinian Za’atar, please feel free to add a link in comments.

If all else fails, there is always Amazon. We don’t like to recommend Amazon, because they are a huge monopoly that underpays its workers and that does not represent the change we want to see. However, we also want everyone who takes a notion to try the real deal as far as Za’atar goes, to be able to do so:


Want to know more about Za'atar?  Get the scoop here:


Tips for self serve herbs and spices counters, as well as bulk bins:

The Za'atar at your local store might actually be Fair Trade Certified Palestinian.  However, to avoid supporting the occupation when buying dried goods--such as herbs and spices, dried fruits and veggies, seasoning and soup mixes, as well as chickpeas and lentils--you  need to read the label on the bin or jar carefully. If it doesn't state ‘country of origin,’ ‘product of,’ or ‘grown in,' a conversation with store staff is needed. If the clerks can't help you,  you may need to ask for the buyers phone number if they aren't available when you are at the store. You want to ask, first of all, is this a single sourced product. That means that they always purchase it from the same place. If it isn't single sourced, you will never know where the product came from. If it is single sourced, ask about the country of origin.  You might even ask if you can see the label on the original packaging or the catalog description, just to be sure.  Settler grown products are sometimes labeled Palestinian, to try and circumvent the boycotts.  However, only truly Palestinian products can be labeled Fair Trade Certified.


Vote with your dollars! Buy Palestinian!


Boycott for Peace! 


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