Sunday, October 5, 2014

It is up to us to be the change!



This is happening today, and every day, until we change it!

The Palestinian people are being concentrated behind walls for the purpose of illegal land grabs and for the exploiting of their oil and gas reserves as well as other resources without their permission and without adequate compensation.  In addition, Gaza is used as a testing ground for weapons that Israel sells for profit.  

 Palestinian land, which has been maintained sustainably through grazing and small traditional family farms and orchards, is in a long, slow, and on-going process of being cleared of Palestinian people for illegal Israeli corporate and military development. 

Removing the people from their traditional homelands, lands they have occupied without dispute for at least 10,000 years, allows their oppressors to maintain an ethnic majority and the false appearance of democracy. 

This is colonialism, pure and simple, and it is alive and well in our world, today.

It is up to us to be the change!

Boycott for Peace!

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This is available as a meme you can share publicly on the facebook page, in the photo section on the facebook group, Boycott for Peace.  The link is directly above. 

The facebook meme has no accompanying text. It is meant to be a conversation starter, on your own page, or in a group.  It is hoped that it will help form bridges between the Palestinian cause and other justice movements.  

Thank You!
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