Monday, October 6, 2014

Check the Label!

Please share far and wide!  It is up to us to educate the masses!

We boycott for many reasons, if you haven't already, you can read about some of them here:

As the boycotts grow produce from the illegally occupied territories will find its way to new areas and into new products.  Check the tiny stickers on produce every time you shop, as well as the fine print on the labels of canned or dried soups, vegetables, herbs and seasonings, fruit, and juice.  You are looking for ‘country of origin,’  ‘product of,’ or ‘grown in’ types of statements.  (Bring your reading glasses, a magnifying glass, or both!) The address of the company or the country where a product is packed does not necessarily tell the story. 

If there is no country of origin or product of statement, pass it by. If it says Israel, pass it by. It if says Palestine, Gaza, or The West Bank--or some similar designation, and it is not Fair Trade Certified, it is most likely Israeli in origin and it is best to pass it by till you do more research. 

Bulk bins and self service herb and spice counters need special attention!  When buying dried goods, such as herbs, dried fruits and veggies, and seasoning and soup mixes, you also need to read the label carefully.  If it doesn't state ‘country of origin,’  ‘product of,’ or ‘grown in' a conversation is needed.  The store clerks may not be able to help you, and you may need to ask for the buyers phone number if they aren't working when you are at the store.  You want to ask, first of all, is this a single sourced product.  That means that they always purchase it from the same place. If it isn't single sourced, you will never know where the product came from.  If it is single sourced, let the buyer know you want to see the country of origin information and ask to see the label on the original packaging or the catalog description.  

 Also note, that the Buycott App is great—but it isn’t set up to track most of the produce or produce derived foods that we buy.  

Check the Label!  It’s a good habit.  We really ought to know more about what we are eating anyway!

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  1. Israel guilty of working Thai agriculture workers to death. Watch the video and then check the label.

    Highlight URL and then right click to access the video.

  2. "Migrant workers also serve a political purpose in Israel; maintaining the economic marginalisation of Palestinians."

  3. Israel's water diversions which it uses to 'make the desert bloom' in its bid to profit from producing produce in the illegally occupied territory is creating unprecedented and dangerous ecological disasters, including huge sink holes on the banks of the Dead Sea.

    Read more here:

    Highlight and right click URL to open the article.