Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Regarding the US's Obscured Vision . . . Quote from Rashid Kahlidi

“Almost forgotten . . . has been the suffering in Gaza caused by months of Israeli siege and bombardment.  It is also forgotten that all of this started with Palestinian efforts to create a democratic structure of governance while still under Israeli occupation.

“Specifically, this latest escalation began with a response by Israel and the United States to the elections for the Legislative Council of the Palestinian Authority (PA) in January 2006, which brought a Hamas-led government.  Their campaign quickly moved from a crippling financial siege of the PA, with the aim of bringing down that government, to an escalation of Israeli assassinations of Palestinian(s) . . . The rest of this tragic scenario then unfolded with the grim, bloody, unthinking precision we have seen so many times before in the conflict between Israel and the Arabs. . . .

“The one-dimensional and ahistorical approach to the conflict through the prism of terrorism that is prevalent in the United States obscures thoroughly the specificity of Palestine . . .”


Rashid Kahlidi, ‘The Iron Cage, The Story of the Palestinian Struggle for Statehood,’ quote excerpted from pages IX and X of the introduction.   Written in 2006, the siege is still in place.  Israel has repeatedly engaged in bombardments, every few years, between then and now.  


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