Friday, October 10, 2014

Hope . . . (Poem)

Hope . . .

finding my way

let me go back
to being a stone
sweet grandmothers
let me go back

to inanimate
solid silent

let me go back
when this turn
at breathing is

i cannot bear
mans inhumanity to man

let me wait
solid silent
until the next

its so hard
to imagine
in the form
we are in . . .

let it go . . . .

.  .  .  sometimes
expressing hopelessness
and letting it go

lets the hopefulness
back in . . . .

im going to pray for those angels . . . .

Harvest McCampbell 10.10.2014

I write out of my deep ancestral spiritual tradition, handed down to me from my Grandmother.  We are multi-tribal and multi-racial.  The roots of our traditions go deeply in many directions.

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