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Warren, comfy in AIPAC's pocket

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Elizabeth Warren, in August 2014, " . . . steadfastly defended her 'pro-Israel' vote, invoking the politician’s platitude: 'We’re going to have to agree to disagree on this one.' " 

In response to questions about the $225 million she voted to send to the Israelis, she said:  "I think the vote was right, and I’ll tell you why I think the vote was right. America has a very special relationship with Israel."

Check out the details and the rest of her pro-Israeli dialog here:  Elizabeth Warren Sounds Like Netanyahu.


Excellent commentary on Warren's pro-Israeli dialog, which is quoted in the article linked above, can be found in this archive of the Kyle Kulinski show:  Sen. Warren Defends Gaza School & Hospital Attacks.


In November 2014, Warren visited Israel, and met with her hero, Netanyahu.  This visit is looked upon as evidence that Warren is in the Israeli's pocket, which is discussed and documented in the following article:  Elizabeth Warren Visits Netanyahu.


A visit, today, to Warren's website, clearly shows her dedication to Israel.  "I unequivocally support the right of a Jewish, democratic state of Israel to exist, and to be safe and secure."  To the uninformed, uneducated person, this may seem like a fair statement.  However, we must ask ourselves if a democracy can ever be founded on ethnic cleansing, discrimination, and breach of international law.

Ms. Warren goes on to state, "To me, it is a moral imperative to support and defend Israel, and I am committed to ensuring its long-term security by maintaining its qualitative military edge:"  This is a military edge, mind you, that is used to mow down, oppress, disenfranchise, and profit from Palestinian people and their land.

Please read Warren's full statement on Israel at the link below:


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Elizabeth Warren visits Netanyahu

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