Saturday, September 6, 2014

Israel Declares War on Human Rights

Israel kills human rights defenders and their families


The article outlines an appalling number of human rights workers who have been killed, as well as those who have been detained or other wise prevented from doing their important work. It closes with this statement:

"The UN Declaration on Human Rights Defenders provides for the support and protection of human rights defenders in the context of their work. It mentions existing rights in a way that makes it easier to apply them to the role and situation of human rights defenders.

"The declaration includes the right to conduct human rights work, to collect information relating to human rights, to criticize the functioning of governmental bodies, to offer legal assistance and advice in defense of human rights, as well as the right to attend public hearings, proceedings and trials to assess compliance with national and international law. It also includes the right to receive resources — including from abroad — for the purpose of protecting human rights.

"Given the scale of the killing of civilians Israel is perpetrating in Gaza, it is more urgent than ever that Israel be required to respect these rights and stop obstructing the work of human rights defenders."

Please read the entire article.  (Also included in War Crimes post.)


Gaza humanitarian hospital destroyed by Israeli bombing in 2009:

File:Gaza, Red Crescent building, Jan 09.jpg
Photo by Physicians for Human Rights - Israel, via Wikimedia Commons.

Red Crescent Society building, Gaza, Jan 09.  The Red Crescent Society is an International Humanitarian Organization affiliated with the Red Cross.  Here is a report of the aftermath of Israel bombing this building which housed a hospital as well as Red Crescent offices:
Additional information can be found here:


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Boycott for Peace! 

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