Saturday, September 6, 2014

Facebook Solidarity Resources

BDS Student Council

Our favorite facebook groups and pages:

The BDS List ~  News, articles, actions, and information.  Frequently up-dated:

BDS Los Angeles for Justice in Palestine ~ Great site for current news and photos you may not find anywhere else:

Boycott for Peace ~ Boycott memes, news, quick actions, and more. Check out our photos page and please feel free to share:

The Palestine Solidarity Committee of Seattle ~   The Palestine Solidarity Committee is an anti-racist grassroots activist group that advocates for the end of Israeli occupation of Palestinian people & their land; equal rights for all Palestinians & Israelis; & the right of return for Palestinian refugees to their homeland: 

Sacramento Regional Coalition for Palestinian Rights Is made up of organizations and individuals who advocate for human rights, civil rights, equality, and dignity of the Palestinian people. The Coalition calls for implementation of international law regarding the rights and dignity of Palestine and the Palestinian people.


This is a work in progress . . .  If you have other favorites, please feel free to add them in comments.  We may even include them on our list next time we up-date!


Boycott for Peace! 

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