Sunday, September 7, 2014

Rogue States?

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The US – a Rogue State – Has No Business Enforcing ‘International Norms’


"If the U.S. government submitted itself to prosecution for war crimes through the ICC, perhaps Assad would have been hauled before the court long ago. Of course, in that case  President Obama would hesitate bombing Syria without UN Security Council approval, a war crime punishable through a trial at the ICC. After the international crimes of the Bush administration, which included illegal wars, worldwide torture regimes, and countless breaches of the Geneva Convention, nobody in Washington wants to even think about ceding America to the international legal regime."

"When it wants to bomb another country, Washington always resorts to rhetoric about rogue states flouting international law. If only the U.S. wasn’t one of those rogue states flouting international law, it might have some particle of legitimacy in enforcing those norms. Maybe."

The article discusses international law, the International Criminal Court (ICC), chemical weapons, Chemical Weapons Convention, Geneva Protocol,  Hague, Rome Statute, and war crimes.

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