Thursday, March 5, 2015

Quick Action: Sign Boycott HP Pledge!

The Palestine Solidarity Campaign 
has asked us to sign a pledge to boycott HP. 

The information on how many people sign will be made available to HP so they know why we are not supporting their products. Thousands of people have signed already!  Please add your name to the cause at this link:

For more information on the HP boycott and for a facebook meme that you can share please see:  You can Tweet, Pin, E-Mail, or Re-blog the same information here:


Participate!  If you find other quick actions people can take, such as easy to sign letters or petitions, media storms, or flash mobs, be sure to leave us the details in comments.  We may be able to feature them in an up-coming post.  If you would like credit for yourself or your organization, be sure to include your by-line as you would like it to appear, and a URL if appropriate. You can alternately contact us by private message on our facebook page:

Thanks!  We are the change!


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  1. Quick Action! HP needs to be told, repeatedly, why we are boycotting them!

    This letter will be delivered to their CEO, with all of our signatures, on Tuesday March 16, 2015. Please sign share on your page, and share on your groups now, so there will be as many signers as possible:

    Highlight the URL and then right click to open the letter.

  2. Thanks to everyone who signed the letter in the comment above. 14,000 signatures were delivered to the company's headquarters!