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Boycott Carnation

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Nestlé’s evil deeds include child and slave labor, water resource raiding which causes illness and death, formula marketing that kills babies, and complicity in the Illegal occupation and apartheid system which Israel forces on the Palestinian people.


Documentation and More Information:

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Child and Slave Labor used to produce Nestlé chocolate products:

Water Resource Raiding:  Nestle has virtually taken over the water supplies in parts of South Africa, Ethiopia, and Pakistan, leaving residents of those countries to sicken and die from what remains.  Nestle has been deaf to pleas from affected villagers for access to clean water:”

Formula marketing that kills babies:

The Israel connection:  “Nestle builds on stolen Palestinian lands and sells the products of such an apartheid system abroad so that the Israeli economy can flourish. It is no wonder that Nestle received from Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in 1998 the Jubilee Award, the highest tribute ever awarded by the State of Israel in recognition of those individuals and organizations, that through their investments and trade relationships, have done the most to strengthen the Israeli economy."

For the Nestle - Carnation connection, scroll to the bottom of this page:

If you have any doubt about why we boycott Israel please see:


Alternatives are available!

Craving Chocolate?  Scroll down on our previous post about Nesquik to find healthy, ethical, guilt free alternatives:

Looking for a quick breakfast?  Start with the healthy ethical chocolate milk you will learn about at the Nesquik link above or with your favorite unflavored milk, juice, fruit nectar or puree.  Next get out your bender and get ready to design your own smoothies.  If you would rather use a recipe, scroll down to the next paragraph for a link—but if you are ready to experiment, here we go!  Pour 6 – 8 ounces of liquid or puree into the blender.  Add your choice of any of the following ingredients:  a banana and/or a handful of fresh or frozen berries or other chopped fruit (for flavor, fiber, and real nutrition);  a tablespoon of ground flax or chia seed (for fiber and super nutrition); ¼ teaspoon or more of rose hip, acerola, or camu camu powder (for a natural vitamin C boost); ½ teaspoon or more of nutritional yeast (for a B complex boost); and last but not least, a pasteurized egg or egg white,  a scoop of powdered milk (not Carnation!) or your favorite protein powder, or a big fat tablespoon of  cottage or other soft cheese, or your favorite nut butter (for your morning protein boost).  Blend until smooth; dip a bit out to taste. You can add a little sweetener if you really need it, blend some more, and enjoy!

If instead of experimenting on your own you would rather try a recipe, there a tons at the following link.  Some of them are made with greens instead of fruit; but only a few.

Yes, making your own breakfast smoothie is going to take a little more planning and a little more time than stirring some chemical laden flavored sugar into a glass of milk.  But you deserve it!  Real food is good for you, your family, and your health.  And if you check the label before buying, real food is guilt free!  Here’s our post on checking the labels on produce and other food products that might originate in the occupied territories:



See our complete boycott list here:


Boycott for Peace!


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  1. Nestlé is exporting millions of gallons of water from California during the worst drought ever.

    "While Nestlé has held the rights to extract water from this national park for years, their official permit to transport water from the stream to their bottling plant expired in 1988. Between 1988 and now, tens of millions of gallons of water have been drawn from this stream annually and sold under the Arrowhead 100 percent Mountain Spring Water label."

    Highlight and right click URL to open article.

  2. "It’s driven by consumer demand . . ."

    Nestle's CEO, Tim Brown, on why they are profiteering on water in drought stricken CA.

    It's up to us to be the change. Carry a refillable water bottle with you, and when you must buy a bottle of water, buy the store's house brand, rather than a name brand. You can look at the fine print at the back of the bottle and see who it was bottled by.

  3. Carnation & Nestle, in addition to making instant breakfast also makes breakfast bars. But it doesn't stop there, they offer other milk flavorings, canned & squeezy milk & cream, Coffee-Mate Creamer, a number of chocolate flavored products for baking, a canned caramel sauce, ice cream and ice cream sandwiches and other ice cream based snacks, Contadina cheese and pasta products.

    Carnation & Nestle are easy to boycott at home!

    Grocery store delis and bakeries often use Carnation and Nestle brands to produce their products. If you purchase very much deli food which contains milk, cheese, or chocolate and if you want to be very serious about boycotting Carnation and Nestle, you might want to ask a few questions and find a bakery deli that shops with your ethics in mind.

    Even if you are not ready to go that far, not buying their labeled products and bringing them into your home is a huge step in the right direction!