Sunday, April 5, 2015

Walmart Boycott

Delta Galil produces the clothing sold by Walmart:

Delta Galil operates in the illegally occupied territory.  Delta Galil “ . . has a warehouse in the Barkan industrial zone, which is an Israeli settlement in the occupied West Bank.  Delta also has shops in two israeli settlements in the West Bank: Ma’aleh Adumim and Pisgat Ze'ev.”

Delta Galil’s sales for 2014 reached 1 billion.  Their income is growing, because of their sneaky strategies:  Also see: 

Delta Galil is a stealth operator, whose primary business is producing clothing that is sold around the world under other brand names.  Delta Galil produces much of the clothing sold under Walmart’s house brands, which include products labeled George, Baby George, George Baby, Faded Glory, No Boundaries, NOBO, Simply Basic, and Starter.

Additionally, Delta Galil’s Walmart products are also sold under the brand names ‘Organically Grown’ and ‘Organically Grown Kids:’

Delta Galil admits paying slave wages for profit and genocide:  “Delta Galil’s CEO Dov Lautman explains frankly, ‘There’s no way you can sew in any western country, not even in Israel where labor costs are too high.’ The average monthly salary of $1,000 in Israel is incomparable to the $100—$150 that capitalists like Lautman can pay Jordanian women in the industrial zones. Lautman explains the convenience of the trade zones for Israeli capitalists like himself, who can leave Tel Aviv by car at six in the morning, arrive at Irbid in northern Jordan by nine, and be back in Haifa on the Mediterranean coast by three in the afternoon. The trade zones are also thought to alleviate the ‘population momentum bomb,’ owing to the fact that the Arab women who work in the zones for slave wages will be less likely to have large families if they are employed.

See more about Delta Galil on our post about Victoria’s Secret.  Yep, they make Victoria’s Secret clothing too:


Walmart isn’t Innocent

Walmart leads the world in labor exploitation:

Walmart drives up U.S. taxes by paying low wages.  “ . . .  every Walmart store in America  costs citizens $1.7 million in welfare benefits such as food stamps. Taxpayers are effectively subsidizing the retailer for its failure to pay employees a living wage.”

Walmart pushes small local businesses into bankruptcy.  “The material benefit [of below cost pricing] to consumers is marginal and temporary, but the restriction of competition by placing unfair obstacles before medium-sized retailers is clear and lasting . . .”

Walmart also leads the U.S. in environmental destruction.  It is one of the largest, fastest growing climate polluters in America. Walmart and their owners fund politicians who consistently vote against environmental protections and they are working hard at generating more trash for landfi­lls:

Walmart has many more ugly issues.  Mouse over and then click the photo icons on the link below to find more articles that may interest you; including Walmart’s discrimination against women, people of color, and LGBT workers:

Stay in touch with the Boycott Walmart movement:


Buy used, vintage, local or union made, from Etsy, or FairTrade Certified whenever possible.  We can be the change!


Vote with your dollars!  Here is a link to our complete boycott list:



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