Thursday, April 2, 2015

Time 2 Choose

Sign the Pledge to Take Action, and ask your Congress People to Take Action as well!

Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu's recent racist appeals and rejection of a Palestinian state have caused a political earthquake that could once and for all change the conversation about Israel. Help us get 20,000 signatures on this Open Letter that says It's time to stop waiting for a false peace process and using only words of criticism. We must instead start embracing all forms of nonviolent pressure on Israel.

Change in Israel Will Only Come from Outside Pressure

" . . . We believe it is now time to say clearly that liberation for Palestinians, millions of whom have lived under military rule for most of Israel’s existence, and liberation for Jewish Israelis, whose society is becomingly increasingly militarized, anti-democratic and racist, can only be achieved through outside pressure from people like us.

"The time to choose is now-—we can continue to delay justice by holding onto the illusion of a false peace process or offering only words of criticism, or we can stand on the side of freedom and equality, and embrace all forms of nonviolent pressure on Israel.

"We therefore call on all who seek freedom for the people of Israel and Palestine to choose justice, and to join us in asking friends, loved ones, community leaders, institutions and elected officials to put pressure on Israel to reach a just agreement with the Palestinians.

"Whether through lobbying Congress; implementing Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions campaigns; advocating for the US to stop using its veto at the UN; supporting Palestinians’ right to go to the ICC or other international bodies; or continuing to transform the conversation within the American Jewish community— only by building a grassroots movement, rooted in values many of us learned at the Passover table, can we achieve the liberation of all peoples in the region."

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