Saturday, February 28, 2015

Boycott Taditel!

Taditel, part of the Ha’argaz group, supports and profits from the illegal occupation, violent assaults on Gaza, the many miles of apartheid walls, and the freedom choking checkpoints.  Documentation can be found below.

Consumers can avoid supporting this company by avoiding their aftermarket regulators and rectifiers.  Ask your auto parts store or mechanic if another brand is available.  If it isn’t an emergency or if you can do without your car for a few days they may be able to able to order a different brand if they don’t have one in stock.

In addition, new cars often come with Taditel regulators and rectifiers.  If you choose to completely boycott this company we recommend only buying used cars.  If you must have a new car, first ask who makes their electronic equipment.

Many Israeli (and other complicit) companies produce components for consumer vehicles.  Israel is also in the business of stealing Palestinian oil and gas and exporting finished fuel.   When you are ready to be totally serious, if you really need a personal vehicle, always buy used.  And then, Park your car for Peace, whenever you can for as long as you can. 


If you are not clear on why we boycott, we have 11 different posts that explain a few of the very many reasons.  You can access them all here:



Ha’argaz has long history of collaborating with the Israeli army:

“On the day after the 29th of November 1947, on which it was decided in Lake Success to establish a Jewish state in the Land of Israel, “Ha’argaz” representatives were invited to meet with Levi Eshkol, among the leaders of Israel at the time, and were asked to lend a hand in the effort towards the nearing war. The factory quickly prepared itself for production for war and began to make armored vehicles, which served the IDF in the first battles that broke out the day after the declaration of statehood.”

Ha’argaz now operates within the illegally occupied territories and it manufactures equipment and casings used in Israeli drones, the separation walls, and checkpoints.

“Israeli company Taditel, is a leading tier 2 automotive electronics module designer and manufacturer that produces voltage regulators and control units for both original equipment manufacturer or OEMs as well as for the aftermarket. The company has positioned itself as a global supplier of custom microelectronic solutions.”


We want to give special recognition to Dorith Carneli for the tip about this company.  Thanks again Dorith!   We wouldn’t have been aware if you hadn’t brought it to our attention . . .

When shopping for car parts, supplies, electronics, tools, and accessories; also avoid both Hyundai and Caterpillar products.   If you are looking for LED replacement bulbs, the company to watch out for is HP. 


Our complete Boycott List can be found here:



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