Thursday, February 5, 2015

Quick Action: Say NO to Settlements

Tell Facebook and Mark Zuckerberg--NO Adds for Illegal Settlements!


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"We were shocked to see ads for illegal Israeli settlements on Facebook. The establishment and expansion of settlements is considered a war crime. Settlements are a main cause of violence and discrimination in the region. Facebook's advertising guidelines state that "Ads may not constitute, facilitate or promote illegal activity." We therefore call upon you to ban all advertisements for settlement homes or settlement based products from showing on Facebook." 


Participate!  If you find other very quick actions people can take, such as easy to sign letters or petitions, media storms, or flash mobs, be sure to leave us the details in comments.  We may be able to feature them in an up-coming post.  If you would like credit for yourself or your organization, be sure to include your by-line as you would like it to appear, and a URL if appropriate. You can alternately contact us by private message on our facebook page:

Thanks!  We are the change!


Boycott for Peace!


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